How to decalcify a tap

Decalcifying without unscrewing with Kalk-EX

Regular decalcifying of the tap helps to ensure that the water stream does not splash uncontrolled. But working with a screwdriver and relevant household tips are so complicated that the necessary decalcification is always postponed into the future.

With the Kalk-EX tap decalcifier you can easily decalcify your filter without unscrewing it. In addition, you can even clean bacteria and sediments in the tap. Kalk-EX offers high quality and practical handling for a quick cleaning routine in the bathroom and kitchen.

The product: A high-quality water tap decalcifier device

It is a high-quality tap decalcifier device for household use. Common decalcifying liquids can be used.

  • Universal decalcifying cup
  • Robust telescopic shaft
  • Anti-slip, rubberized fixing foot
  • Stainless steel
  • High-quality manufacturing and design
  • height x width: 20 cm x 10 cm
  • Maximum height: 100 cm
  • Silicone cover to increase the water level

How to use Kalk-EX


Typical sink


Before-after effect



Our offer:

The Kalk-EX tap decalcifier device costs €39.99 (incl. VAT), plus shipping costs.

Current status of the project

  • Prototype
  • Patent protection (national in Germany and as PCT international)
  • Registered trade mark at the DPMA
  • Positive feedback from testers in practice
  • Manufacturer for mass production established
  • Professional product photos
  • Advertising video created in all common social media formats
  • Market analysis confirms demand for a simple decalcifying solution and an increasing trend towards "decalcifying taps".
  • Website with online shop (in English and German)
  • Mass production available
  • Entering international markets

The founders of Kalk-EX

The founders are a father and son team, consisting of the father Frank Pohlkötter and the son Fabian Pohlkötter. There are no external participations in the company.

Frank Pohlkötter

Frank is an entrepreneur with a successful landscaping company in Oberbayern, the 25-year-old Park & Garten GmbH.

The kickoff of Kalk-EX is financed by him, in addition he contributes the entrepreneurial experience and necessary structures to the business.

Fabian Pohlkötter

His son Fabian studied Business Management particularly for industrial companies and is even seen in the product video as a technician.

The son is the driving force behind the project and has an extensive network of personal contacts, can speak German and English as well as Spanish and has the digital know-how to scale the business up.

Get in touch with us!

For all questions about Kalk-EX please contact Fabian Pohlkötter at

+49-151-16767315 or via E-Mail

We look forward to your recommendation to friends and family.

Thank you very much for your support!

Your dedicated founders,

Frank and Fabian Pohlkötter